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We Stand for Freedom

As responsible Americans we have a duty to protect our rights, our childrens rights, and our grandchildrens rights. We all have the right to preserve our freedom. By uniting together and taking action we have the ability to get results, and achieve real solutions.

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Be Informed

While not every issue necessitates taking action, there are many issues being discussed and voted on. As responsible American, we should want to be informed and have the right to take action if we feel our voice should be heard.


Most responsible Americans are fed up with the tactics being played out in our government at all levels regardless who they represent.

Whether it is our faith, our family, our finances or our fundamental freedoms, all of which have been under attack, it's time that we once again stand for freedom. 


We the People

Originally there were 10 amendments that were explicitly granted to "We the People" commonly know as the Bill of Rights

Others refer to it as our fundamental freedoms. It guarantees the core freedoms and protections for Americans from government intrusion and abuse of power. 

Therefore, responsible Americans need to safeguard these rights, and hold our government accountable. 

Cost of Freedom

Countless men and women have fought and died for our fundamental freedoms throughout our countries history.

We should not let the memory of their ultimate sacrifices be diminished nor forgotten. 

We have a duty and the responsibility to future generations to preserve our freedoms and protect the legacy of liberty and justice for all. 

We Must Unite 

Responsible Americans dedicated to protecting our fundamental freedoms by holding our government accountable can and will achieve common sense solutions. We must take the appropriate action and impact change to battle the threats facing our liberties that so many have fought and died for. 

What does freedom mean to you?

There isn't any aspect of our lives today that is not impacted by either legislation or regulation. Your voice and opinion matters and needs to be heard. 


Leveraging current techology we all have the ability to influence our government in the most impactful and appropriate manner granted to us by the constitution. You MUST take action today!


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